In this preview of Loudwire Podcast #8, drumming legend Mike Portnoy recalls some of his favorite and most cherished Dream Theater memories.

Right after we got Mike Portnoy to crush a custom-made Pokemon drum kit, we dragged him into our podcast studio. We spoke with Mike about his oldest child just starting college, his time drumming for Twisted Sister, and whether or not musicians should do long solos at shows for this episode’s ‘Rocker vs. Writer’ segment.

Portnoy also shared some Dream Theater memories that stick out in his mind, like playing Radio City Music Hall for the final night of their 20th anniversary tour and finally getting to perform in Madison Square Garden. Portnoy also looks fondly back on Dream Theater’s first real tour supporting Images and Words.

“At that point, we were together for seven years already and we were struggling for years and years and years; switching singers and having false starts with our record company. There were so many struggles to get to that point — when we were finally getting our first taste of success.”

Portnoy continues, “That’s when it was all so innocent. We were in a van and loving it. You put me in a van now and I’m miserable. [laughs] It wasn’t about money or anything else beyond just being in a band and playing together and the camaraderie and the music. You only get to have that innocence once before becoming a jaded old rock star.”

Listen to the full Podcast Preview above! The full Loudwire Podcast featuring Mike Portnoy will hit YouTube and iTunes on Nov. 17!

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