The Miss Montana C-47 aircraft is at its very heart a cargo plane, and the cargo being delivered by the crew for the next few weeks will be life itself, with pallets of prepackaged meals to flood ravaged families in the Bahamas.

Pilot Bryan Douglass contacted KGVO News when the Miss Montana arrived at Freeport in the Grand Bahaman Island.

“We just delivered our second load of barbecue from Operation Barbecue Relief,” said a delighted Douglass. “We made a 12 o’clock run with just supplies over here to Freeport and then we loaded up with barbecue for our afternoon run. We’ve got 9,000 meals on board. They’re on pallets, all shrink-wrapped, with side dishes of corn and beans and bread. It’s just an amazingly efficient organization. These guys have been there and done that.”


Douglass was preparing to unload another pallet of food off the Miss Montana as he spoke with KGVO News.

“We’ve got a panel truck backed up to the plane here and a forklift and they are unloading the airplane, and we’ll be on our way back to Ft. Lauderdale Executive,” he said.

Asked about the storm damage, Douglass said Freeport was on the outer edge of the hurricane.

“We’re in Freeport, which I’m told did not get hit as hard as the Abaco Islands and Marsh Harbor. I met a pastor here and he said they got 235 mile per hour winds here at Freeport which is nearly 100 miles away from Marsh Harbor. They have evacuated everybody out of Marsh Harbor, so they brought them here. These people don’t have anything and they’re supplying them with food and more. It’s really everything I hoped it would be that we’re actually doing some good, because we’re partnered with a really impressive experienced organization.”

Hurricane Dorian leveled several of the islands in the Bahamas, however, according to an article in the New York Times, their biggest request is tourism in the undamaged islands such as Nassau, as tourism is the heart of their economy.

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