It's never fun to get the news that one of the places you frequent is going to be closing their doors. For example, I love playing indoor soccer and I'm pretty bummed that Missoula Indoor Sports Arena appears to be no more. And it wasn't just me that spent time there - my daughter also attended the soccer instruction classes and it was always a great place to let the kids wear themselves out by jumping on the inflatables. I saw not long ago that the place was for sale after they were forced to remain closed during the pandemic. I heard a rumor that the property recently sold. I just did a quick search and no longer see it listed for sale - and the website is no longer active. I'm pretty bummed about the closure so I know how members of the Women's Club Health and Fitness Center are feeling right about now.

The Women's Club announced this week that they'll be closing after 38 years in Missoula. We always hate seeing local businesses be forced to close - and it's definitely newsworthy when it's a place that has been in the community for almost four decades. The club sent an e-mail this week and let members know that they plan to close the doors in August.

The first thing we think of when a place closes these days is that the pandemic must have killed their business and left them no other option. But in a KPAX article the Club Director says it's not that simple: "I would say it wasn’t a total COVID closure. It certainly didn’t help and it set us back quite a ways since we have a limited market. We have adult women only. We don’t have families or men so we have a very small market to draw from."

It looks like the club needs a number of upgrades and improvements and they just don't have the membership numbers that would allow them to spend the money for the work that's needed. Members won't be the only ones affected with the closure as more than 60 people are employed by The Women's Club.

After almost 40 years, we have to give a salute to The Women's Club Health and Fitness Center for 38 years of helping women stay fit and healthy in Missoula.

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