Coming soon to a big screen, OK, a small screen near videos for new county election judges.

Missoula Elections Administrator Rebecca Connors said on Monday that a series of nearly a dozen videos is being created in cooperation with the Montana Secretary of State to help better train those who will be officially monitoring county elections.

"We're looking at producing about a dozen videos," Connors said at the county's records center on Ernest Street. "We have covered today about five or six, and the videos that we've captured so far have been about what each position at the polling place is on election day," she said. "Then, we've gone through some scenarios like the provisional ballot process, and we've also gone over a birds-eye view of the voting process so that our election judges can have an idea of how the process works."

The videos are being recorded and produced by Missoula Community Access Television using actual election judges as the actors.

Connors said other videos will cover how to issue replacement ballots, and other areas that might be troublesome on election day.

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