A few days ago, a Blaze listener posted a photo and surveillance video on our Facebook page, which was taken at her home from an attempted burglary on July 10th.

According to the Missoula Police Department, the suspect in the video has been identified, located and charged. He is also a person of interest in another on-going investigation. So good job Missoula, you helped catch this creep and put him away.

From what we can tell by the video, and what the MPD is alluding to when they instruct west side residents to "watch out for strange unidentified substances left on residence access points", this perv gets off on peeping into windows while doing the five knuckle shuffle and leaving his gift behind.

From the City of Missoula Police Department:

UPDATE: As of 7/16/14, the male in this photograph has been identified, located and charged with crimes related to this incident. There is an on-going investigation regarding the previous case, and this individual continues to be a person of interest.


The MPD Detective Division is requesting that if anyone who lives in the neighborhood surrounding the 1400/1500 block of Sherwood has experienced anything suspicious in the last couple of weeks; cut screens, things moved out of place near entry doors/windows, or strange unidentified substances left on residence access points, etc..., to please contact Det. Merifield at (406) 552-6291.

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