This is something I think a lot of people may benefit by attending. I know I would! it is something new hunters question, what is field dressing and the process as well as even cooking.

On Oct. 18 there is an event on 'Field Dressing, Processing and Cooking Wild Game'. Montana Fish, Wildlife & Park, Hellgate Hunters and Anglers and Burns Street Bistro will host a workshop on  how to field dress, process and cook wild game.
The event runs from 6-9p.m. at Burns Street Bistro (1500 Burns Street). It ends with a cooking demonstration by Burns Street Bistro Chef, Walker Hunter.

This is what FWP says about the event:

Watch demonstrations and ask questions of experienced hunters, FWP staff, and those that have creative ideas and years of experience with preparing wild game meat. This is a great opportunity for new hunters or those that want to expand their skills and understanding of how to move wild game from the field to table.

You can join in the field dressing part of the evening for FREE, or buy your ticket for the whole event for $15, which includes dinner. Tickets are available online at




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