When it comes to being a firefighter, you never know when you will be called to rescue someone. Or in the case of the following story, someone's kitty.

It seems like a cliche for firefighters being called to rescue a cat stuck in a tree. But, it is all part of an honest day's work. You would think that the days leading up to July 4th would be a firefighter's busiest days of the year, especially with the hot and dry temperatures we have been experiencing over the last few weeks. All eyes are on the fire danger level outside each fire station. Which was just recently increased to "moderate."

Regardless of what the call is about, our brave firefighters are there. In this case, it was an adorable kitten named "Salem." This young cat has already had a pretty tough life as he only has three legs. "Salem" found himself stuck in a storm drain, when Missoula Rural firefighters came to his rescue.

According to a social media post from the Missoula Rural Firefighters

Just before midnight, the 311 crew was requested to rescue a kitten from a storm drain. The three legged kitten was carried out of the storm drain, then with assistance from @missoula_police@sentinel.vse was contacted and agreed to take the kitten in for the night. Sentinel employees recognized the kitten from a missing cat Facebook post and are working on reuniting “Salem” with his owner.


We hope that "Salem" gets reunited with his family and another big thanks to Missoula Rural Fire for continuing to be great.

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