Missoula, Fun Trade is back! You may have grown up with the video gaming store that opened back in 2006 and the bonus good news is, you can finally use your Fun Bucks.

In the first year of the pandemic, Fun Trade had to move out of the Southgate Mall. They made the announcement in October of 2020 that they would be closed until they could find a new location in Missoula, so we weren't hopeful. The owner, Gibby, has quite the following here in Missoula so I know people are going to be stoked to hear he's back in business!

On Monday, February 28th, Gibby announced on Facebook that Fun Trade is now open on the Hip Strip, at 821 Higgins, so across from Hellgate High School, east of Altered Skin. They've got the word FUN right in the name, so they are all about video games, toys, CDs, vinyl, card games, books, board games, Pokémon, sports cards, Magic The Gathering, retro toys, comics, DVDs, and even skateboards and bikes. The TRADE part of their name is that they buy, sell, and trade all of this fun stuff and more.

Shout out to our listener Olivia who was the first to tell us the great news that Fun Trade is back! Let's get over there and support this awesome, local, small business.

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