The Missoula Housing Authority closed on the purchase of the Wildflower Apartments at the end of December, allowing the development to remain an affordable housing option in Missoula and putting it under local ownership.

The Wildflower Apartments are at 1250 34th Street and is a 96-unit complex made up of studio, 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom apartments. The Housing Authority kind of saved the day as the property was likely to be converted to market rate units, decreasing the number of options for low income housing in Missoula.

MHA Executive Director, Lori Davidson said, “This is a huge win for our community. The 2 and 3-bedroom options allow us to target families, a population who often have a hard time acquiring housing. It’s important to build more affordable housing, but it’s essential to protect the affordable housing that we already have.”

For more info on these apartments and low income housing options in Missoula, please visit the Missoula Housing Authority website.

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