Missoula Will be alive with the sound of music, choral music specifically, as 10 talented choirs from the around the world will entertain thousands during the 10th International Choral Festival starting Wednesday, July 13.

ICF Office manager Kirsten Smith said the choirs are arriving on Tuesday, and getting settled in with their host families as they prepare for the opening performances on Wednesday.

"We'll kick it off with Out To Lunch At Caras Park on Wednesday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. with most of our choirs performing, " Smith said. "We have all of our preview concerts on Wednesday, as well, and all are free. That will be Caras Park, Southgate Mall at 2:30 p.m. and then the Bonner Park evening concert on Wednesday evening."

While the events on Wednesday are free of charge, Smith said there is a fee for the other concerts.

"All of our concerts on Thursday and Friday, and our Saturday finale you can get into with one admission button, and it's $20," she said. "You can purchase those here at our office, and they'll also be at the venues themselves before each concert, and we also have a handful of admission button locations listed up on our website."

There are vocal groups from Georgia, Hong Kong, Poland, Costa Rica, Canada, Estonia, Cuba, and from Iowa, Washington and Missoula representing the USA.

Smith said host families have stepped forward to house all the choir members, although she would like to have more, just in case. Contact the ICF office to volunteer at 721-7985.

"It's a great tradition and something the Missoula community really rallies around," she said. "We have a hundred or so volunteers and as hundred of so host families that are all participating and pitching in to help make this festival awesome."

For a complete schedule of performances and venues, click here.

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