We know that Montana has lots of cows. But, have you ever put it into perspective just how many cows there actually are in the state? Let's put it this way. If cows ever had an uprising and set out to destroy people...We would be "udderly screwed."

Montana's cattle industry generates nearly $2 billion dollars each year. That is more than just steaks and hamburgers being sold. That includes milk and cheese too. With Montana hosting so many acres of open land, there is plenty of room for lots of cows. Some areas of the state don't offer up as much grazing land as others though.

Eric Dietrich, a reporter for Montana Free Press, recently crunched the numbers on the number of people compared to the number of cattle in each county.

Using data from the US Agricultural Statistics Service and the US Census, Eric was able to figure out which counties have more people than cows. Now surprisingly, the counties with the larger cities tend to have fewer cows. Especially the bigger cities in western Montana. In Missoula County, the data shows that there are 21 people for every cow. But, in more "wide open" places like Carter County in SE Montana, cows outnumber people 64 to 1.

ryan song via unsplash.com
ryan song via unsplash.com

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