When it comes to picking out where to eat in my family, there are always the big 3. Do we get Mexican, Chinese, or Italian food? If for some reason we cannot choose from any of those options, then we will branch out and search for cuisine from other parts of the world.

I, for one, am a sucker for Italian food. Pasta, pizza, breadsticks... Bring on the carbs.

Though we have a few options in Missoula for a decent Italian meal, a new "knife and fork" Italian option has arrived. Florabella is your new spot for classic Italian food. This new restaurant is located in the old Cafe Dolce location on Brooks Street.

According to the Florabella website

Contemporary Italian cuisine pairs with a curated Italian wine program in a beautiful setting. Design, art and music add to the lush garden setting and encourage everything from family style dinner with friends, to a quick glass of wine and a snack.

This new spot isn't just your average Italian food. It is taking your pasta and wine and elevating it to a different level of cuisine.

Check out Florabella at 500 Brooks street in Missoula

In other Italian-inspired food news. One of our all-time favorite Missoula delis has announced that they are opening a second location.

Coming soon to the Old Sawmill District, Tagliare is serving up their popular rock-n-roll-inspired sandwiches... with the classic Italian deli twist. Italian deli meats, cheeses, and peppers on fresh bread. All are named after some of your favorite rock bands. (We recommend the Megadeth.)

No word on when the new location will open. But, you can always stop by the original location for a sandwich @ 1433 South Higgins (next to Grizzly Grocery).

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