Did you grow up with the dream of becoming a famous singer? Did you spend countless hours singing into a hairbrush, rewinding cassettes over and over to commit your favorite songs to memory, and documenting your skills with the family camcorder? Was that vision of fame and success only shattered when you actually opened your mouth? Here's your chance to go back and live out that dream one more time with the Missoula Lip Sync Battle.

It's the perfect scenario!

Picture yourself rockin' out on stage.....but the kicker is you don't have to worry about your vocal performance. Just pick your favorite song, put your focus into your stage presence or dance routine, and lip sync along without a care in the world abou how you sound. Would you rather just watch the awesome performances from the crowd? You can do that too. The best part about the Missoula Lip Sync Battle is that it's a huge night of fun that raises money for a fantastic organization.

The Battle to Beat Cancer

The idea behind the night of entertainment is to help Camp Mak-A Dream, a cost-free camp that offers programs, hope, and support to the nearly 800 Campers affected by cancer it hosts each year.

It's been a bit of an adventure for the Missoula Lip Sync Battle over the last two years. It was one of the first community events to be postponed, then eventually canceled, after COVID hit in early 2020 and last year's version of the show was moved outdoors at Ogren Park. This year will see the show return to the Dennison Theater once again on April 24th.

Photo: Missoula Lip Sync Battle
Photo: Missoula Lip Sync Battle

Want to participate?

Kids and adult teams will once again compete for bragging rights and cash prizes in front of a live audience. Ages 7 and up are welcome to be a part of the show. Auditions are being accepted through March 1st and final performers will be announced on March 7th.

Use Tik-Tok, IG Reels or simply record a video clip, do whatever you need to do, and send us a 30-second video rocking out to your favorite song by Feb. 4th for a chance to perform live at Dennison Theatre on March 13th!

Ready to get your submission in?

Visit the Missoula Lip Sync Battle website HERE. Fill out the form and submit your video HERE.

Tickets will be limited so get yours when they go on sale on February 10th.

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