Close your eyes and picture the sounds of summertime. You will hear people laughing while floating down the Cark Fork. You will hear birds chirping. You will hear the sound of meat sizzling on the grill. And, you can hear the sounds of kids playing in the park. But, Missoula is trying to limit things you will hear on a summer evening. At least without permission. The Missoula City Council is aiming to have citizens obtain a permit to play music on stereos, while in city parks.

Yeah, they want you ask permission to blast tunes at your family picnic. I can just picture the old man standing on his porch, demanding that I "TURN IT DOWN YA DARN PUNKS!" But this is a real issue that the city council is voting on.

According to NBC Montana

The amendment to the Missoula Municipal Code would require an amplification permit to use a stereo system in a park.

Missoulians are already writing to the Council. Some say requiring permits prevents people from enjoying the park with any spontaneity. Others say the park is for everyone, and if someone wants to play music, they should be allowed to.

This amendment doesn't apply to just stereos. It applies to ANY amplified device. Meaning, if you are hosting an event in the park that requires a PA system, such as a poetry reading or guest speakers, you will need to acquire a permit.

Seem a little dumb? The city council has set a hearing for April 5th if you care to voice your concerns.

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