Some older folks out there might remember when the Riverfront Triangle property in Missoula used to be the Fox Theatre, a 1000-seat movie palace that was once the premiere destination to see movies in Missoula. But in the mid-80s, the Fox Theatre closed down and was demolished - the space, which is in a prime spot of Missoula real estate along the Clark Fork River, has been a largely unused parking lot ever since.

There have been a lot of attempts to do something with this space from various developers and contractor for over three decades now, but so far, nothing has come together. Even just a few years ago, Nick Checota of Logjam Presents had plans to build a new hotel/concert venue on the property before the pandemic derailed things.

It's like the property has been cursed for some reason or another - but now, a new team of developers is working on something for the property, and have just announced what they plan to do with it.

What Could We See at Riverfront Triangle in the Near Future?

According to the Missoulian, two representatives from Capitol V Partners informed the Missoula Redevelopment Agency of their plans for the property, which would include a hotel, an events center, parking structures, commercial buildings, and retail spots. Their hope is to completely reinvigorate and expand the downtown area of Missoula.

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So what's the likelihood to this coming to pass, and when might we see it? Well, if it comes to be, it would probably take a few years for it all to come together - and they don't see even beginning construction until at least summer 2023.

So it'll be a while until we get a sense of the specifics of the project - but could this finally be the thing that breaks the Riverfront Triangle curse?

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