Missoula Rural Fire crews were called out to a small grass fire in the Wye-93 development  at 7200 Highway 10 West early on Tuesday afternoon. 

Assistant Chief Brent Christofferson said there were actually two calls for the same fire.

"The call initially came in as two separate fires," Christofferson said. "Our of one engines was just pulling off of another call in the area when they received the dispatch for this grass fire, and so when the dispatch came in from 9-1-1, the engine was already almost on the scene. We were able to get around the fire before it became too large, about a half an acre in size.That engine requested another engine and a tender, and working together, we were able to quickly suppress the fire."

Christofferson said the fire was human-caused, and was accidental in nature.

"There was a rake being pulled by a tractor that somehow caused a spark in the field, there, and it spread quite rapidly, so that's when they called for help," he said. "It's that time of year when fuels are very dry and we all need to exercise caution to be from starting fires like these."

Christofferson said no one was injured in the fire, which was under control after a couple of hours.

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