Remember Justin from Hell House Sound? He did a ton of events for us, for the Other Side (remember the Other Side!!) and venues around town in the early 2000's. Super nice guy, always had on an excellent band t-shirt.

Well, we recently caught up with Justin and he was telling us how he's a mega fan of Slayer and how stoked he is for the show. He even busted out this flyer from the South Of Heaven tour stop that he went to in Houston, along with his epic senior photo. He had attended the concert two days before senior photos, and naturally, he rocked his new shirt on picture day.

You wouldn't really expect a metalhead of this caliber to actually cut out the photos and and hand them out to the jerks at school, thus, they are still in tact in two sheets. You'll definitely be seeing (or shoving) Justin in the pit at the 2nd annual Blaze Backyard BBQ this Thursday.

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