Missoula's live music scene is often spoken of as a highlight of living here - between concerts at Kettlehouse Amphitheater, The Wilma, The Adams Center, Big Sky Brewing, and more, we tend to have a lot of great options for artists coming through town, especially during the summertime. And we're no slouch when it comes to killer local bands, too - no matter where you look, you can usually find some cool music happening in Missoula on any given night.

What isn't talked about as much is Missoula's comedy scene, which is also pretty great - we've got an awesome roster of local comedians who are out there performing every single week, and we usually attract a couple of big names that end up making their way through town every year.

Here are just a few spots in Missoula where you can catch some great standup comedy.

The Roxy Theater

Once a month, the Roxy Theater hosts Missoula's Homegrown Comedy, a 90-minute comedy showcase featuring a rotating lineup of Missoula's best local comedians. Check out the Roxy's website to find out when the next show is going to be.


The Zootown Arts Community Center is no stranger to open mic nights and Revival Comedy shows. Check out their upcoming schedule on the ZACC's website.

The Union Club

There's always something going on at the Union Club, and that includes a monthly open mic comedy night. Follow their Facebook page to get updates on when it's happening.

The Wilma

The Wilma brings a ton of musical artists through town, but every once in a while, they score a comedy act. They hosted Steve-O in early 2022, have Dan Cummins on the schedule for later this year, and are known for their annual show from Montana-born Reggie Watts. Their full lineup is available at Logjam Presents' website.

The Adams Center

Like The Wilma, the Adams Center is more well-known for its music acts, but it brings in some standup once in a while. In the past they've played host to Nick Offerman and Hasan Minhaj, and are currently bringing Trevor Noah to Missoula in April. Their lineup can be found at Griztix.com.

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