It's hard enough work to drag your ass out of bed, convince yourself that your job is worth getting up for, and then make yourself presentable. The only way to make it through the rest of the day is with a killer cup of coffee and a beautiful smile to start yet another long day of work.

As your friend and support team, we thought we'd let you know when your favorite gorgeous ladies are serving your favorite morning beverages at Baristas.

If you're not familiar with the awesomeness that is Baristas, they feature girls who serve up Missoula's finest coffee in costume themed outfits, allowing customers to enjoy a fun, creative, new and intriguing experience during every visit. You can find Baristas right next to Grizzly Harley Davidson, just off the I-90 freeway, and if you're lucky, that's on your way to work.

Be sure to like Baristas on Facebook to keep up with daily specials and daily outfits!

Monday @ 5 a.m. Cara, 12:30 Kristin

Tuesday @ 5 a.m. Cara, 12:30 Turquoise

Wednesday @ 5 a.m. Cara, 12:30 Jolei

Thursday @ 5 a.m. Cara, 12:30 Kristin

Friday @ 5 a.m. Kristin, 12:30 Turquoise

Saturday 6a-4p Jolei

Sunday 6a-4p Turquoise

And keep and eye out on our website every Saturday for the local Babe Of The Day, featuring photos from one of the fine ladies of Baristas.

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