If you mention anonymous artist "Snuffy" to nearly any Missoulian, they know exactly what you're talking about. I tested the theory by bringing Snuffy up to a teenager, a millennial who is not very observant, and a Gen-Xer, and they all knew what I meant and quickly shared theories on who the artist could be. Missoula's own Banksy, of sorts.

If you've seen colorful words of positivity chalked onto random sidewalks around Missoula, you've seen Snuffy's work. The inspirational, and sometimes just fun, sayings typically pop up on popular walking trails, like the Milwaukee, Riverfront, and Kim Williams trails. The messages are obviously intended to bring joy to the community, but they're also sparking questions, mainly, who IS Snuffy?

Missoulians following the work seem to think the artist is a female, probably a dog walker, and possibly a parent who would have sidewalk chalk on hand. Maybe a mom who jogs with a stroller or walks a dog? Honestly, Missoula is so full of inspirational, creative people, it could be anyone. Outside of the messages themselves, what we love is that it's not vandalism, it's easily washed off and does absolutely no harm. Whoever the mystery chalker is, we salute them for bringing smiles during a very dark time for many people. Have you seen Snuffy's work? Who do you think it is?

Missoula Wants to Know: Who Is Snuffy?

Some of the inspirational chalk art by anonymous artist "'Snuffy" as found around Missoula.

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