Tesla has slowly begun delivering the new Cybertruck to customers across the country. Since the Cybertruck has rolled out, sightings of the truck have popped up all over the internet along with the typical amount of criticism.

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Reviews have been mixed on Tesla's Cybertruck.

This video surfaced before the holidays showing a new Cybertruck sliding off what appears to be a forest service road while out harvesting a Christmas tree. Only to be towed back to safety by a giant Ford pickup.

Another video has recently surfaced online showing a Cybertruck getting stuck trying to navigate a driveway right here in Montana. Not even close to being offroad. Talk about embarrassing.

Does the Cybertruck come anywhere close to Montanan's definition of a truck? Sure, it is bulletproof and fast. But honestly, it seems more like an expensive 4-wheel drive car. I'll reconsider my opinion of Cybertrucks when I see one bust through a snowbank, haul a ton of hay bales, or pack a couple of dead elk in the back.

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Missoula got its first sighting of a Tesla Cybertruck this past week. Heads were turning when a long-time friend of ours drove through Missoula for the first time. Our buddy recently received his long-awaited Tesla Cybertruck and says he couldn't be happier.

We obtained photos from this Missoula Cybertruck homecoming. Be on the lookout for this space-aged chariot all over Missoula.

Missoula Get First Look at the New Cybertruck

Gallery Credit: KC

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