The Festival of Remembrance is a month-long series of events engaging the Missoula community in healthy conversations about death and dying, using art as a vehicle for healing. "Originally known as the Festival of the Dead, the Festival of Remembrance enters its 27th year with an active response to sensitivities raised in 2017 over the festival’s focus, transforming it to embrace a higher level of inclusiveness and respect. Listening to community members and analyzing the value of the festival to the community, organizers have made modifications that celebrate our diversity while retaining the authenticity and purpose of the festival. We welcome all to these month-long events that honor those here today as well as those who came before us."

The annual festival starts in early October and ends on the day of the procession, Saturday, November 2nd. The Festival of Remembrance procession starts at 7 p.m. at the "XXXs" and moves south on Higgins Avenue to West Front Street and down into Caras Park. Line up and performances begin at 6 p.m. at the XXXs with additional performances afterward (7:30ish) at Caras Park, including the UM African Dance Class, Hypsy Gypsies, and Dark Moon Tribal. Join the celebration of life and death, community sharing and personal catharsis through the workshops and conversations offered by the Missoula Festival of Remembrance.

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