Boy howdy, look at this! Even when they're not open, the Fox Club manages to entertain us. I'm sure you've seen the witty slogans and messages that the sign at the Fox Club consistently displays, and this day was no different. The official Tosh.0 Instagram took notice and posted the latest sign with instructions to "start sanitizing those dolla bills, y'all."

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Funny thing is, we've seen much funnier messages on the sign, but this was the one that made it on Tosh. And while it's tempting to sanitize those dollars, just don't put them in the microwave. Dummies around the world are actually doing that, and starting their money on fire. There was actually a woman in China who microwaved about $450 and it went up in flames. Why she didn't try just one Yuan first is beyond me. As for the Fox, it remains closed for now. (sobbing emoji)




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