Some people are ignorant about current events and history, it's a fact. The scary part is, it's legal for these people to vote. On that note, people make mistakes, especially young people, and that's how we all learn and grow.

On Monday, October 8th, Indigenous Peoples' Day in Missoula, the person in charge of social media at the local Howard's Pizza made a very tone deaf post.

Howard's Pizza on Facebook
Howard's Pizza on Facebook

I don't know this poster, but I truly believe that no harm or offense was meant, and that the poster has since learned quite a bit of history about Indigenous People, Columbus and America. Monday's post has since been removed and replaced with a very sincere sounding apology. Unfortunately, many of the comments on the post prove that racism is alive and well in Missoula, Montana.

Either way, I think this local family of hunters are hard workers who make really great food and some of the best pizza in Montana. Learning experience for everyone. And for the record, Missoula shifted from Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples' Day in 2015.

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