Wait a minute?  This can't be right.  Google analyzed the top google searches for Halloween costumes for their list of what people are planning to dress up as.  Wait, the top searched thing in Missoula is "where's Waldo"?  I'm not sure I believe it.

Of all the things that are topical and popular right now......or anything else since the early 90's for that matter.......you're telling me we've asked the google machine about "where's Waldo" more than any other costume?

That can't be true - but then again, google is much smarter than I am - so I guess we have to take the word of the experts.

The top 5 searches for Missoula are:
1.  Where's Waldo
2.  Tourist
3.  Lion
4.  Fortnite
5.  Dragon

Here's a list of the top 10 halloween costume searches from across the country:

1.  "Fortnite".
2.  Spider-Man
3.  Unicorn
4.  Dinosaur
5.  Witch
6.  Harley Quinn  (The character from "Suicide Squad" and "Batman".)
7.  Superhero
8.  Pirate
9.  Rabbit
10.  Princess

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