Take a drive down any residential street or dirt road. What you will see is mailboxes with the yellow Missoulian box attached. Thousands of residents of western Montana have been waking up every morning and fetching their copy of the daily Missoulian. As someone who used to deliver news papers as a young kid, I spent every morning, 7 days a week delivering news to residents of the community. It was a tangible package that showed up to your door each day. But, that was then, and this is now.

We have seen the "writing on the wall" for years now. The decline of paper subscriptions and increase of people getting their news elsewhere. More and more people are turning to their phones and computers to get their daily news. News that doesn't involve trusting that the young kid delivering your paper didn't oversleep. News that is available on demand, and doesn't require waiting for the press to print it. Therefore the demand for printing papers has dropped significantly.

According to The Missoulian

The local paper, which has been around for more than 150 years, will be printed in Helena following the sale of the Missoulian building at 500 South Higgins.

That's right, as of March 28th, the Missoulian will no longer be printed in Missoula. The Missoulian will still be available to customers who subscribe to the classic daily paper. Except now, the paper will be printed in Helena and shipped to Missoula.

According to The Missoulian

Some late stories won’t make it into print, but will be posted live on the newspaper's website. Some sections will be consolidated to accommodate the different press configuration in Helena.

Read the full article on the Missoulian website and check out some great behind the scenes photos of the daily process of printing out the newspaper.

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