Actor Bill Pullman, known for his roles in SpaceballsA League of Their OwnSleepless in Seattle, and Independence Day - in which he played the greatest president in US history, fictional or otherwise - is set to host an upcoming television series about Yellowstone that will air on the Smithsonian Channel.

Pullman used to be an adjunct professor at MSU and currently lives part-time at a ranch he co-owns near Whitehall. The series, which is called Epic Yellowstone, was supposedly filmed over the course of three years and features never-before-heard stories about Yellowstone.

The series will air in four parts, and the first episode chronicles the toughest animals in the park as they struggle to survive during the harsh winter season. The show begins on Sunday, March 10th, and can be watched on the Smithsonian Channel or on the Smithsonian's on-demand platform.

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