If you are an American, then chances are you enjoy a good hamburger. It is one of the most iconic American foods on any menu. We here in Montana are fortunate enough to have some of the freshest burgers on the planet, thanks to our cattle industry. A restaurant in Billings has claimed the title of "Best Burger in THE WORLD."

According to the Billings Gazette

the final round of the World Burger Championship challenged teams to use patties from event sponsor Bubba Burger and double oak bourbon from Jim Beam. Teams were free to choose all other ingredients. The Billings crew combined the bourbon with dates and Coca-Cola to create a barbecue sauce that was spread over a burger featuring roasted garlic cloves, smoked Gouda and a garlic basil mayonnaise.

In the end, the "Burger Dive" team won the "Ultimate Food Fight" championship by 1/10 of a point. But it was enough to claim the top spot, and secure them a spot in the World Food Championship. Which will put their burger creations up against other food categories, like steak and bacon.

We wish them luck and hope they can bring the championship trophy home to Montana.

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