Montana businessman and philanthropist Greg Gianforte filed paperwork with the State of Montana on Monday to form an exploratory committee to seek the Montana Governor's office. 

Gianforte spoke with KGVO News from his home in Bozeman.

"I'll be asking Montanans about whether or not my vision for a more vibrant private sector that creates more opportunities for our young people," Gianforte said. "Having more young peple stay in the state rather than breaking up families is something that Montana wants. I'm a firm believer that opportunity and prosperity can only be created by the private sector. It's the small businesses, the entrepreneurs that create opportunities."

Gianforte related his personal story of building RightNow Technologies out of his home in Bozeman.

"My wife and I started our software company in the extra bedroom of our home with very little capital, and over the years, that business grew to be one of the state's largest employers," he said. "In fact, as of last year, 40 percent of all the wage growth in the entire state occurred in Gallatin County."

Gianfortes's announcement has already brought out attacks by the Montana Democratic Party.Here's an example of a fundraising email sent to KGVO News.

New Jersey billionaire Republican Greg Gianforte is running for governor of Montana.

Let’s be clear: Gianforte is NOT right for Montana. But with his unlimited resources, we know this will be a tough battle. 

New Jersey billionaire Greg Gianforte’s doesn't understand our Montana values. He’s against Social Security because he believes the concept of retirement “isn’t Biblical,” and he tried to promote job-killing, pro-discrimination policies by claiming it can help businesses succeed. 

Clearly, his radical platform would be devastating for Montana.

Taking on Gianforte’s millions will be no easy feat. That’s why we’re asking for your support right now, because our grassroots campaign must be stronger than ever!

Gianforte responds:

"Montanans are smart," he said. "They can see through this stuff. These things are just plain silly on their face. It's an indication, honestly, that they're scared. They're scared of someone who has business experience and has demonstrated a positive record of job creation right here in Montana. These charges are honestly, false and petty."

Gianforte said he is asking Montanans to weigh in on whether or not he has the right message for Montana.

"Just go to my website, it's Greg for Montana dot com, if they give their email, we'll keep them up to date on what we're doing. I want to hear from Montanans and what's on their minds. So we can start building Montana and stop exporting our kids."


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