Growing up in Montana you were probably given some home remedies when you got sick. While some would make sense, others sounded crazy, but do they actually work?

When it came to getting sick or injured as a kid growing up in Montana it almost felt like you were a lab rat. Looking back I feel like our home remedies were derived from the dark ages. Some of the things your parents would do made absolutely no sense, but did they/do they actually work? Let's find out.

Sore Throat? Gargle Salt Water:

My dad was always big on this. I can remember him telling me to get the water as hot as I could stand it and gargle a whole glass of salt water. What do salt and hot water have to do with anything? I can't answer that, but I can say yes, it does relieve a sore throat. 

Sweat It Out: 

Who else has curled up in a sleeping bag next to a roaring fire to try and "sweat out" a cold? This is one of those myths passed down for generations.  Don't do this. A virus doesn't leave your body through any fluid, like sweat. As it turns out, you're probably doing more harm as you should be hydrating instead of sweating. 

A Shot of Whisky:

Montanans are a big fan of this, and I can't really think of anyone (other than doctors) that don't stand by this home remedy. I mean, it really works, right? Wrong. This is another bad idea when you are sick. Alcohol does the complete opposite. It knocks down your immune system and dehydrates you. So why do you "feel better" after a few shots of whisky when you are sick? Because you're getting buzzed. Stay away from the hooch, and drink water.


This one was always my favorite because it was the easiest, tastiest, and least painful. Yes, honey does help. Try it if you have a terrible cough. A good spoonful will coat your throat and give you some relief. 

Drink Massive Amounts Of Orange Juice:

I never minded this one because I love me some O.J. I was bummed to find out that a ton of vitamin C doesn't really help prevent a cold, and only slightly shortens the length of one. 

What other Montana home remedies do you or your friends and family use? Let us know!

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