Have you ever muted your television and tried to guess what the people are saying? If not, I recommend trying it with a friend. It can get pretty ridiculous really quickly. Even though you think you are good at lip reading, before you know it you are watching Judge Judy and wondering why she is talking about colonizing Mars with feral cats.

That is what the team at "Bad Lip Reading" does best. They are so terrible at lip reading that it becomes internet gold.

I can still remember the first "BLR" video that I watched a full 10 years ago. It was the notorious "NFL: A Bad Lip Reading." Simply a failed attempt to guess what players and coaches are yelling about on the sidelines.

Now it looks like the team at "BLR" are trying to get inside the minds of the people running our country. "Bad Lip Reading" goes inside our nation's Capitol to learn the "Secret Congressional Codenames."

A Bad Lip Reading/YouTube
A Bad Lip Reading/YouTube

Names like

  • Loogie of Dust
  • Dead Eyes
  • Ripper Podunk
  • Crinkly Love Stick
  • Danger Glands
  • Old Man Tycoon
  • Aux Cord
  • Prince of Rawr
  • Queen of Sneezing

Both Representative Matt Rosendale and Ryan Zinke are lampooned by the "BLR" team. Giving Matt Rosendale the "secret codename" of "Dead Eyes." Followed by a quick insult about his haunted face. (3:02 in the BLR clip)

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Shortly after Rosendale does his roll call, Ryan Zinke gets the codename "Gator" (6:54 in BLR clip) and appears to have an interesting conversation about Dinosaurs with another Congressman. (8:00 in the BLR clip)

A Bad Lip Reading/YouTube
A Bad Lip Reading/YouTube

But, the best is at the very end of the hilarious look into a day in the life of our nation's lawmakers. Matt Rosendale finds himself explaining to another congressman that "his fly is down is down in 33 photos." (13:59 in the BLR clip)

A Bad Lip Reading/YouTube
A Bad Lip Reading/YouTube

Watch the full "House of Representatives" video from A Bad Lip Reading.

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