With the holidays here, it is hard to not watch classic holiday movies. So far, my family has made our way through a good chunk of our holiday favorites. One of which is the story of a child getting lost in the BIG APPLE only to be reunited with his parents on Christmas. Of course, I am talking about "Home Alone: Lost in New York."

Just recently a series of events took place in New York City, that could be considered worthy of a holiday film.

Last week we reported on a puppy who had disappeared in the Hudson River, the body of water that separates New York from New Jersey. This body of water is not somewhere you want to take a swim during the frigid cold of winter. Which led the owners of Bear (a Burmese Mountain Dog) to believe that the poor pooch had succumbed to the cold water. After 2 days of searching for the dog, Bear's owners got a call from a New Jersey Police department. It appears that Bear swam over a mile to New Jersey. Only to be identified by a microchip implanted under the pup's skin.

According to KTVQ, that call was made possible because of a microchip installed by Bear's breeders in Harlowton, Montana.

"That microchip got them home. We got a call at three o’clock in the morning from Edgewater police department in New Jersey and the microchip was linked back to us. Because we were the breeders and ones that installed the chip," said Todd King, owner of Big Sky Berners.

Bear has been reunited with his family in the Big Apple and is in training to become an emotional support animal for his family's son, who has a seizure disorder.

It goes without saying that whether you are a dog or a human born in Montana, you are a tough breed! We can't wait to see Bear's story on the big screen someday.

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