It was a dark day in fast food history when Taco Bell decided, out of the blue, to cut some of the most popular items from their menu. Fans of items like the 7-layer burrito, potato bites, and loaded grillers were left out in the cold, pondering their meaningless existence without this delicious fast-foody goodness. But for me, the most upsetting item to go had to be the Quesarito.

Why Did Taco Bell Get Rid of the Quesarito?

Well, that's the odd thing - you actually still can get a Quesarito, if you're willing to do a little extra work. But you can't just walk into Taco Bell or go through a drive-thru and order one.

Basically, the Quesarito is only available through online ordering - you've got to place your order through the app ahead of time and pick it up at the store. Maybe supplies are low and they want to limit the amount of people who order it? Maybe it's an item that takes a while to make so they want to space out who gets it?

The answers are shrouded in mystery - but the Quesarito is easily my favorite item at Taco Bell, combining all the best qualities of a quesadilla AND a burrito. So I've jumped through the extra hoops a few times to get my Quesarito fix at this point, but I wish I could just easily go grab it without having to go through my phone to get it like the old days.

And apparently, I'm not alone in that wish.

The Quesarito Was Named Montana's Favorite Taco Bell Menu Item

A new study from The Waycroft showed every state's favorite menu item from Taco Bell, and for Montana, the Quesarito topped the list. Not bad for a food that's technically no longer on the menu!

Actually, the Quesarito had a pretty impressive showing, coming in at number 2 overall - just behind the Crunchwrap Supreme.

So what do you say, Taco Bell? Put the Quesarito back on the REAL menu. The people have spoken!

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