I've been going to Ogren Park a lot this summer, which has become a great place to have events while still maintaining social distancing. Easily my favorite part of summer 2020 has been Centerfield Cinema, where they show movies on the scoreboard every Thursday. I've made it to every one so far, so I can confirm that it's actually a really cool viewing experience - good picture, good sound, and you get to chill on the baseball field.

So naturally, it's where they'll be holding this year's Montana Fishing Film Festival! The annual event was supposed to take place earlier this year, but was delayed by - you guessed it - COVID-19. The organizers really wanted to make it happen, though, and so they've teamed up with the Missoula Paddleheads to create a socially-distanced version of the event.

There will be family-friendly fly fishing demonstrations during the pre show as well as food and drink available. Enjoy responsibly at your socially distanced general admission or grouped seat!
This is an annual grassroots film event. We have a great lineup of films this year. Ever wonder why more of the fly fishing content out there doesn’t look like what you actually do on the weekend? Yeah, us too. Welcome home. This is a space for the gals and guys that fish in their own backyards and want to see films that they can actually relate to. This is “The Most Fun You Can Have Off the River!”
Want to check it out? It'll be happening on Saturday, August 29th with doors opening at 6 PM, and the show starting at 8 PM. You can find out everything you need and buy tickets over at their website.

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