Scrolling through Facebook I saw one of my favorite organizations Northwest Boxer Rescue posting about the Montana Five.

The Montana Five are exactly that, five incredibly sweet Boxer dogs that came from a home in Montana. These five have lived in a kennel their entire lives, never once stepping foot in a home until rescued on this past Sunday the 27th.

Photo courtesy of Chris Sperry/NWBR

When speaking with DeAnn King Board Member and Foster Manager for NWBR she said, "Unfortunately, most of them are in need of some major medical care. They allowed me to touch them and take pictures and even sat on me as I sat in the ground to meet them. They all licked my face and were wiggly and seemed happy. They climbed into my car without hesitation and we traveled 2 1/2 hours to take them to meet their foster parents."

Photo courtesy of Chris Sperry/NWBR

When I asked DeAnn more about the foster parents she explained, "Each dog was placed in a home with other dogs and are thriving and getting to know their new foster families."

Photo courtesy of Chris Sperry/NWBR

Taking care of all of those medical issues will be expensive so they are taking donation.

Photo courtesy of Billy Jenkins

I love the work that the Northwest Boxer Rescue does, they are the organization that matched me with my Gypsy dog!