Every year sees a new generation of hunters take to the mountains and plains of Montana, and those new hunters need the proper training and instruction, not just for safety, but to truly enjoy the outdoor experience.

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks is sending out the call for volunteer instructors for the Hunters Safety Programs across the state, according to Morgan Jacobsen, Information and program Manager for Region Three of Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks.

“Part of almost anyone’s hunting experience throughout their life involves hunter education,” said Jacobsen. “In fact, anyone who wants to purchase a hunting license in Montana who was born after January 1985 must show proof that they have completed a hunter education course. Not only is it a statutory requirement in Montana, but it’s also part of our hunting legacy, and to carry on that legacy we lean heavily on volunteer instructors who are part of our hunter education program.”

Jacobsen said that Montana FWP does have minimum time requirements for voluntary instructors.

“There are minimum requirements for hunter education instructors to remain active in the program,” he said. “To maintain active instructor status, instructors are required to attend one FWP sponsored instructor workshop or training in any consecutive three year period and they are required to teach or assist with a hunter or bow hunter education class course or a field course for at least eight total hours during any two consecutive years.”

Jacobsen invites anyone who may be interested in becoming a hunter safety instructor to click the link on the FWP website and register, or call 1-406-444-9948.

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