The re-opened Stevensville Bridge river access site may soon become a Montana Fishing Access Site. The new owner of the private land, Myla Yahraus, is planning to donate seven acres to Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks (FWP) as an official access to the Bitterroot River.

Now, the FWP wants suggestions on what should be included in the development of that area. In a news release, the department and the Stevensville Parks Board requested design ideas that might include parking, a latrine and possible campsites. The plan would also protect the riverbank and surrounding areas.

There will be a public meeting Wednesday, May 2, at the Stevensville High School multi-purpose room. The meeting will start at 7 p.m. with a presentation of the background of the area, current development ideas and public input on other possibilities. After that meeting, the department will put together a site plan and go through an Environmental Assessment with more public input, which will probably be in late spring.

If you need more information, call FWP Region 2 Fishing Access Site Manager Rory Zarling at (406) 542-5561 or the Stevensville Town Clerk at (406) 777-5271 - Extension 2.

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