Though still higher than the rest of the country, gas prices in Montana continue to plummet through the last week of October.

"Things are looking very good for consumers right now because the state average is down 26 cents a gallon from where we were a month ago," said Petroleum Analyst Gregg Laskoski. "It's down 10 cents a gallon just in the last week."

Montana prices are still about three cents higher than the national average, but prices are expected to keep declining for at least the next month.

"We're seeing these prices go down, and we expect them to continue to come down incrementally," Laskoski said. "Really from now through Thanksgiving we'll still see these prices move lower. I can tell you that in Montana the lowest prices right now can be seen in Dillon. Prices there are $3.22 a gallon."

Laskoski said the falling prices can be attributed to both lower crude oil prices, and a national switch to winter-mix gasoline, which is cheaper to produce.