Gas Prices in Montana stayed flat over the Fourth of July weekend, despite all of the extra travels says Senior Petroleum Analyst Will Speer.


"July fourth comes and you expect a lot of extra demand  for gasoline occurring that week and to push prices up," Speer said. "Really, prices if anything stayed the about the same. If anything prices were slightly more expensive than the national average but no big gains is probably the best news for motorists in Montana right now."

Montana Gas prices are still higher than the national average because of refinery problems in the Rocky Mountain region.


“This is a tough time for Montana and surrounding states because the refineries in the area are so isolated and its so hard for them to get support,” Speer said "Now and the metric we look at is refinery utilization percentage and that really tells you how healthy your refinery are in the area. The region where Montana has been classified has not been performing well up until recently.”

Although Montana prices are still about seven cents higher than the national average, prices for gasoline are the lowest motorists have seen in over a decade during the Fourth of July weekend.

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