I keep meaning to tell you about American Ninja Warrior Junior, it's the kid version of the original show. At my house, we love us some ANW and are excited that a Montana kid made it on to the premiere episode!

Eleven year old Brooklyn "Queen Beezy" Sittner of Billings will compete in the first episode of ANW Junior, which airs tomorrow, October 13th, on the Universal Kids channel. Which is channel 103 and 605 if you have Spectrum cable. Do people still have cable? Just us? Anyway...

Queen Beezy is bad to the bone, an absolute warrior, very driven and she's got a winning attitude. Check out the complete story of her journey of dedicated athleticism and getting on the show here. You can also keep up with her on Facebook and Insta.

And don't forget to set your DVR! (Do people still have DVRs? Just us? Anyway...) GO QUEEN BEEZY, we're cheering you on girl!!

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