It was 2 years ago when females became eligible to join the scouts. Back in February of 2019, girls were allowed to join ranks with the Boy Scouts. Even with all the controversy that it brought, it has been a positive move forward for the BSA.

The way I see it, the whole reason for the scouts program is almost like early training for military service. And, just like the military today, women should be allowed to serve alongside men. The scouts is far more than just camping trips and pine derby races. Its all about helping kids develop skills that they could use later in life, whether they choose military service or just serve their community.

According to Wikipedia

Youth are trained in responsible citizenship, character development, and self-reliance through participation in a wide range of outdoor activities, educational programs, and, at older age levels, career-oriented programs in partnership with community organizations.

Just like the military, there are certain ranks that each child must earn. Scout, Tenderfoot, Second Class, First Class, Star, Life and Eagle. Eagle is the top rank of the scouts and is no easy task to obtain. But, in just 2 years, 5 Montana girls have reached the top. Becoming an Eagle Scout is something that only 6% of scouts will achieve., and just over 2 million scouts have achieved since 1912.

According to NBC Montana

Among the inaugural class are five Montana girls: Kaylee King from Columbia Falls, Gabrielle Thorsen from Bigfork, Eva Isbell from Missoula, Sasha Jepson from Lakeside and Hailey Carpenter from Helena are all officially recognized as Eagle scouts as of this month.

Congratulations to all 5 of these talented ladies.

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