The Ringling Brothers Circus has announced that they will officially be shutting down this year. The Circus has been touring the world for nearly 100 years, and is wrapping up performances this May. Since 1919, the circus has been wowing "children of all ages." Did you know that the Ringling Brothers Circus has a strong connection with Montana? The town of Ringling, Montana was named after John Ringling. John was one of the 7 brothers that founded the circus. As an entrepreneur, John Ringling was not only one of the founding members of the circus, but also owned a ranch south of White Sulpher Springs, Montana.

According to Wikipedia

Ringling, Montana was named for John Ringling, who at one time was president of the White Sulphur Springs and Yellowstone Park Railway. John Ringling had a family summer home in White Sulphur Springs and purchased the hot springs there with the intent of building a resort spa and $1 million dollar 220-room hotel

Goodbye to "The Greatest Show on Earth"

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