Another season has arrived and it is the best time to get outside and play. Camping has always been one of my favorite ways to enjoy Montana. Just getting out in nature is therapeutic and can heal your soul. Even if that means sleeping on an air mattress that deflates overnight and you wake up in a plastic taco. Or sitting around the campfire listening to the buzz of giant mosquitoes in your ear. Thank GOD for S'mores.

Montana is home to some fabulous campgrounds. Places where you can enjoy the great outdoors. But also enjoy having a place to "relieve" yourself without having to squat in poison oak. Some even have electricity and showers. Talk about "roughing it." put together a list of "Most Unique Campgrounds," and Montana made the list with a great pick.

According to a review from Ella Buchan on the popular travel website:

There’s a lot of competition to nab a camping spot in Montana’s Glacier National Park. Fish Creek is one of the largest and loveliest grounds, with spacious sites tucked among the pines. It’s fairly basic but there are toilets and drinking water – and campers can take a dip in Lake McDonald, which the most coveted pitches gaze directly at.

Getting a campsite at Fish Creek is nearly impossible thanks to online reservations and record-breaking visits to Glacier National Park. However, you can download an app called "Campnab" and set up a recurring search bot to claim your campsite the second it becomes available.

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