The housing issues continue here in Big Sky Country. Home mortgage rates continue to climb. Making the dream of homeownership for some people completely unobtainable. Not to mention home prices still remain just out of reach for most Montanans. And rental prices are double what a person would pay to own.  It is all contributing to a big housing problem here in Montana.

Bozeman is getting hit the hardest when it comes to affordability. According to the Bozeman Real Estate Group website:

We know that real estate in Bozeman has gotten expensive in the past several years with the median sales price of a single-family home exceeding $880,000! If you look across the state of Montana you will find that Bozeman was not the only city to see an influx of people moving in and home prices rising. In Bozeman, the cost of living is 20% higher than the national average. Even when it comes to groceries, Montana is more expensive at 4.6% higher than the national average.

It has gotten so bad in Bozeman, that one man is offering up his converted travel van to the right tenant. At a surprisingly affordable price for a Bozeman rental.

Charles Martel/ Facebook Marketplace
Charles Martel/ Facebook Marketplace

According to Charles Martel's post on Facebook Marketplace

Mobile apartment for rent! Suitable living for 5 if you stack like Legos. This Mobile palace is sure to make your pants moist. It features rugs and carpets I got for free, a dresser that was left on a back porch with 5 of 6 drawers in ok shapes. A 5 gallon bucket that holds 7 gallons of your finest turds if you aim right. Walmart futon that has a thrift store colonial soldier print mattress, my grandma's old sheets plus blankets she said she bought in the 1970s. Electric heating from the brand new soliel heater I paid 70 bucks for which barely heats your furry beaver in 20 degree weather. Acres may very depending on the sketchy side street you find yourself on. 2200 a month plus water and electric. First, last, and 1800 non refundable deposit. Felon and pet friendly felonious pets are encouraged.


Charles is asking for a smooth $2,200 per month. Plus first month, last month, and the $1800 nonrefundable deposit are due at signing.

Check out these gorgeous amenities.

Charle Martel/Facebook Marketplace

UPDATE: It looks like this hot property was snatched up pretty quickly, as it appears to have been rented.

Charles Martel/ Facebook Marketplace
Charles Martel/ Facebook Marketplace

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