Sick and tired of the same old hot springs in Montana? Seeking the thrill of some brand new hot springs to get you going? Well, say no more!

Montana is set to get its first new hot springs in 25 years: Yellowstone Hot Springs, located just ten minutes from Yellowstone National Park in Gardiner. The severe winter weather caused a delay, but it the new hot springs are finally set to open to the public on Friday, March 8th.

The water used in these hot springs make for a different experience than most - the water comes in from Laduke hot springs at 140 degrees and then gets mixed with cold water. 70,000 gallons get mixed an hour and go straight through to the Yellowstone River. The result is very little chemicals and more pure minerals being used, which should create an enriching experience for anyone checking it out.

So who's ready for the new hot springs near Yellowstone? Ready to make a road trip out there?

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