You may have heard the phrase, "around here, we only have two types of music. Country and Western." Well, it is obvious that isn't the case. But, considering our cowboy culture, you would think we would relate more to country music. It turns out that is NOT the case. The folks at Estately crunched the numbers, and Montana is an average representation of the country music genre.

According to Estately's findings, they calculated the results based off of 10 different country music stereotypes.

  • Pickup Trucks: Pickup truck sales for January-April 2014. (Source: Auto experts at provided analysis of Polk registrations (January-April 2014), which measures all large truck vehicles registered to a retail buyer (excluding fleet sales).
  • Drinkin’: Per capita beer and liquor consumption (source: National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism).
  • Baby Done Left: Percentage of men and women who are divorced or separated (source: U.S. Census).
  • Most religious: Percentage of population that says religion is an important part of their daily life (source: Gallup Poll).
  • Cowboys and Cowgirls: Since there’s no cowboy directory we simply measured the number of cattle and calves per square mile (source:
  • Hall of Fame Country Musicians: Number of country musicians in the Country Music Hall of Fame who were born in each state (source: Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum).
  • Dirt Roads: Miles of unpaved roads managed by the Federal Highway Administration (source: Federal Highway Administration). Does not include private roads or Forest Service/BLM roads.
  • Supports the Troops: Active military personnel in each state (source:
  • Works Until the Day Is Through: Ranked from lowest unemployment rate to highest (source: Bureau of Labor Statistics).

After putting all the numbers together, Montana only ranks 15th in the U.S. But, not surprisingly, we ranked high in the number of pickup trucks.

See where we ranked as compared to all the other U.S. states using all their country-fried statistics.

The people of Oklahoma ranked #1. Check out a hilarious video from Oklahoma country artist Rodney Carrington.

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