Sometimes, the simplest ideas are the ones that catch on and take the world by storm.

Case in point: the latest TikTok sensation, who actually comes from right here in Montana. A man from Kalispell, Justin Schiele, has gained nearly 700,000 new followers on the platform over the last month thanks to a series of videos called, "Can I Hit It With A Hammer?"

@justintherealschieleCan i hit it with a hammer! @bmoe_34 am I doin this right?♬ original sound - Justin Schiele

They're pretty simple videos - in each one, Justin finds a different object, like a toy tractor or a magic 8 ball, and then hits it with a hammer. If it doesn't break, then you CAN hit that thing with a hammer. If it does, then you should probably not hit it with a hammer. He's getting creative with them, too - he's brought in special guests like his grandparents in a couple of them, and in one video, he uses a hammer to hit ANOTHER HAMMER, causing a catastrophic reaction.

@justintherealschiele Reply to @benloship ok I’m finally doing it!! HAMMER VS HAMMER!! ♬ original sound - Justin Schiele

Justin works in construction in Kalispell and doesn't plan to quit his day job to become a professional TikTok Guy Who Hits Things With Hammers, but it seems like he's going to keep producing more videos in the weeks and months to come.

You can follow his TikTok page and check out some more of this hammer videos for yourself right here.

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