Nickolas Kevin Van Meter has been arrested for allegedly robbing the Magic Diamond Casino in Great Falls. BUTT, the story doesn't end there.

Mr. Van Meter is accused of entering the casino on Monday night, wearing a mask and brandishing a knife, and demanding money from the cashier. The employee explained that there was no money in the register, but offered him the cash she had in her apron, which was rolls of $1, $5 and $20 bills. The quick thinking employee says that she intentionally removed the rubber bands from the rolls of cash to make it difficult for the robber to handle.

According to the Great Falls Tribune, when police caught up with Van Meter, they conducted a pat down and felt a lump in his pants. That's when they discovered around $250 in $1, $5 and $20 bills spilling out of his ass crack. He should have worked on those glutes before he decided to use them as a getaway bag, huh?

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