I am sure that when we think about which city in the U.S. sins the most the first city that pops into people's minds would be Las Vegas. After all it's nickname is "Sin City". After that it can be anybody's game as to which cities are the most "sinful".

Where Do Montana Cities Rate?

When it comes to Montana cities, how do we rate compared with other cities in the country regarding "sin"?  According to Wallet Hub, two of Montana's cities made the list of "Most Sinful Cities In America". Of course, this is open to debate and discussion using their metrics. The two cities that made their list in Montana are Billings and Missoula. Is that surprising to you? Both of these cities seem to be making a lot of national "lists" these days.

The Metrics

The metrics that they measured our fair cities with had to do with "sins", anger and hatred, jealousy, excess and vices, greed and lust. The metrics are open to interpretation. For example, "jealousy" is measured by theft, identity theft, and fraud. "Vanity" is judged by tanning salons per capita and plastic surgeries.

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Surprising Results

I wasn't surprised that Montana was represented on this list. I wasn't surprised to see Missoula and Billings on the list. What was surprising to me was just how high Billings was on the list. Billings ranked in the top forty of the most "sinful" cities in our country coming in at number 32. Missoula ranked in the top 90 coming in at number 85. What was really surprising, to me, was that Billings ranked in the top 10 for "greed" coming in at number 7. "Greed" is based on the number of casinos per capita, the number of charitable donations, and the number of adults with gambling disorders. Even more surprising to me, Missoula came in at number 6 in the country. Billings beat Missoula in every other measurement.

Argument Starter

When lists like this come out they can always start an argument or two. Do you think they are accurate representations of our cities? What other Montana cities are missing from the list? Let the arguments begin.

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