Montana State Fund is the state’s largest workers compensation insurance company, and officials have just announced a series of grants to provide Personal Protective Equipment to the state’s frontline businesses and workers.

Lawrence Hubbard, President and CEO of Montana State Fund announced the grants on Thursday afternoon.

“As of this week certain classes of our customers are eligible to apply for personal protective equipment grants,” said Hubbard. “We have acquired approximately 30,000 surgical masks and KM-95 masks for those frontline employers and workers that are most at risk of contracting COVID.”

Hubbard clarified which workers were eligible to receive the personal protective equipment.

“I’m talking about firefighters, EMT’s, police, physicians offices, hospitals, nursing homes, grocery stores, and social service organizations,” he said. “Those customers of ours who are with those industries are qualified to receive one of these grants.”

Hubbard described the equipment available through the grants.

“We have a number of the typical three-fold surgical masks which are recommended by the CDC for individuals to wear just in terms of general community contact,” he said. “We’re providing those masks, in addition to the KN-95’s, the higher level protection available for healthcare workers right on the line, perhaps even working with folks that are sick and exposed.”

Hubbard recommended that any business interested in applying for these Montana State Fund grants visit their website.

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